Clients can use the below number to know data about their Canon Products for any issues with respect to printer cartridges , guidelines, establishments, driver downloads and so forth

Group USA & Canada Pvt Ltd is an auxiliary of Canon Singapore Pvt Ltd, world’s chief in the imaging advances. It fabricates and showcases number of items including multi-useful peripherals, fax-machines, inkjet and laser printers, scanners, All-in-ones, computerized cameras, advanced camcorders and so on Group holds 200 enlisted protected advancements to assembling scanners.

Canon Printer, Scanner and Fax Customer Care Details

Canon printer Customer Support can be utilized by the clients for enrolling objections.

Canon Laser printer customer service phone number: 1-888-985-6722. (Prefix your city code while dialing from your Mobile/landline).

Printer Toll Free Number : 1-888-985-6722.

Operating hours of the service center is from Monday to Friday and timing is 8:30am – 5:30pm.


Printer Support and Downloads – Users who are having any issues with their printers and searching for help can take a gander at the printer support webpage for data. In the event that you need any printer drivers you can download from the site too by choosing your printer type and model numbers.

Canon Printer Range USA & Canada – Canon is quite possibly the most famous brands in USA & Canada that offers items for individual or business reason. It incorporates items like cameras, camcorders, printers, all in ones, laser fax machines, multifunctional gadgets and some more. There are wide assortment of printers accessible from extraordinary compared to other imaging organizations on the planet going structure Business multi-work gadgets, Multi work printers, Single capacity printers, Large configuration printers, Tube and plate printers.

Canon Fax Machine USA & Canada – Fax machines are offered with rapid and quality to make simple access for the clients. It likewise incorporates numerous easy to understand highlights like colossal paper taking care of office, ample fax memory, simple cartridge substitution, power utilization quality and so on Group fax machines are worked with most recent innovation and numerous advanced highlights like USP port, headset port, 5 line LCD show, photosensitive drum and so on and machine can make sharp reports at 3 seconds for each page. Group Fax machines even capacity as a printer that can be snared to a Pc or Mac by means of a USB port.

Canon Scanner Range USA & Canada – Flatbed scanners, Flat bed thin scanners, archive scanners are the various kinds of scanners offered by Canon. By utilizing the world’s driving optical innovation, organization offers scanners with beautiful plans and numerous advantageous alternatives.

Standard USA & Canada Warranty Registration

In the event that you have bought another printer if it’s not too much trouble, register the item at the site for guarantee.

Item will have a standard long term guarantee from the date of item buy.

In the event that a Customer moves the responsibility to another end client, the rest of the guarantee time frame may likewise move to the new proprietor.

Group gives two sorts of guarantee. One is nearby guarantee and the other is conveying in guarantee.

On location guarantee is given at the client’s area. It is restricted to the area which is inside the metropolitan furthest reaches of Authorized Service Center.

In the event that the client’s area is past the civil furthest reaches of the approved assistance community then the client needs to convey the item too the help place at its own expense.

Guarantee is given uniquely on product(s) which are bought from Canon USA & Canada Private Limited Authorized Dealer/Reseller.

The guarantee is restricted distinctly to the assembling/workmanship deserts in the Product(s).

Often Asked Questions

For what reason would the print head have issues?

Night-time of printing, the warming components may bomb subsequent to being turned here and there a huge number of times. The print head can likewise get obstructed or impeded with paper garbage or hardened ink. On the off chance that your print quality is poor or your printer won’t print by any means, it very well might be an ideal opportunity to change your print head.

How to investigate my printer?

If it’s not too much trouble, contact client care to think about investigating the printer.

Where would i be able to purchase a group printer?

You can get it from any approved source on the web. Or, more than likely discover a business area close to your area that sells the item. We prescribe you to purchase from standard approved vendors.

Clients, who are looking for Canon Printer Drivers, Software, Models, Canon Fax Machine Prices, Canon Scanners, Models, Repairs, Dealers, and Specifications and so on or in the event that you have any inquiries identified with the item, generously contact the client care group to settle your issue. To find out about the organization items clients can visit the Canon USA & Canada official site.