Dell is a US-based multinational company that sells, develops, and repairs computers, laptops, and more technology products. It manufactures PCs, data storage devices, computer peripherals, network switches, servers, software, HDTVs, electronics, MP3 player, printers. On 1 February 1984, Michael Dell founded this successful corporation. Dell is among the companies which have gained the highest position within the world of IT manufacturers.

Dell has a platform where they help their customers in solving technical issues. The purchaser can contact Dell support telephone number 24×7 and their 1800 number is always reachable regardless of time and location. They have experts who can tackle customer’s problems very easily. You can find their contact number on the laptop box or even on their official website. The Dell toll-free number is freed from cost service which is developed for the convenience of the purchasers. There are other options also like Dell support live chat service where you can directly converse with experts who can solve your issues easily via message. The Dell live chat service is usually available on the official Dell support website.

If you are facing any issue in getting in touch with Dell computers telephone number and feel irritated then you can try contacting our toll-free laptop support number given on our website. Rather than involving in an indirect conversation, we can help you by connecting you directly to the independent 3rd party Dell product support services.

Dell Support Driver- Steps to download and install Dell printer drivers for Dell beat one printer A960

  • Before installing the newest dell printer drivers on your system make sure to uninstall the prevailing dell printer drivers.
  • Disconnect the USB cable which is attached to the Dell printer.
  • After that click on start >> all programs >> dell printers.
  • Then click on the “uninstall Dell printer” option.
  • Click yes to verify and then restart your system by clicking on the OK.
  • Now, for the Dell drivers download and install for A960, go to the download page and select your OS from the list.
  • After that tap on the download arrow and then tap on the Run button.
  • Then click continue and ok and follow the given online instructions to put in the Dell support drivers.
  • In this way, you will download and install Dell printer drivers on your system.

If you face any issue in doing this then you can call Dell technical support telephone number or our toll-free laptop support number. This toll-free number will help you in getting in touch with the independent 3rd party Dell support driver services. Kindly analyze the important factors before connecting to the independent 3rd party Dell support driver service through our toll-free number.

Also, we had made it quite easier for the customers by mentioning all the toll-free laptop support numbers on our website. In case, these contact options get changed by the OEMs or the manufacturer and if you’re unable to use these given contact details, we are not in charge of this. So, in this case, you have to recheck the numbers.


  1. Dell Laptop Support Number (Alienware)- 1-888-985-6722
  2. Dell Contact Number- 1-888-985-6722
  3. Dell Support telephone number for EMC- 1-888-985-6722
  4. Dell Support Email- [email protected]

Dell Laptop Customer Service >> Dell factory reset process

If you want to perform the Dell factory reset process on your Dell laptop or computer, then follow these guidelines:


  • Restart your system, start >> arrow which is next to the lock button >> restart.
  • Press F8 for the advanced options. Choose “repair your system”.
  • After selecting the language, tap next and log in together with your administrator login credentials.
  • Tap on the “dell factory image restore” option. Tap next and check the box and then tap on the finish and restart your system.

If you face an issue in doing these steps, then you can contact the Dell phone number or our online laptop service number.

Dell Computer Technical Support >> the way to get into Dell BIOS

Carefully read the given instructions to understand the way to get into the Dell BIOS of your Dell device.

  • Turn on your Dell device and reboot it.
  • Press the F2 key, then see the “entering into setup” message.
  • Then, navigate to BIOS through the direction keys.


The given procedure is extremely simple and you will easily understand this on your own. If you got stuck anywhere you can contact our toll-free online laptop support number. We will connect you to the 3rd party who will give you the best assistance in solving your issues.

Dell Laptop Customer Service >> the way to connect Dell laptop to wifi

Follow these guidelines:

  • Tap on the wireless icon and choose the wireless network.
  • Check the box which shows “connect automatically”.
  • Tap on the connect button and enter your network security key.
  • After that, tap on the Next button.

Going through the given guidelines, you will easily understand the way to connect Dell laptops to wifi. If you encounter any issue in between while following the given procedure, then you can take the help through the Dell telephone number or online laptop support number given on our website.


Dell Computer Help >> the way to reboot Dell computer

Follow the given procedure to understand the way to reboot Dell computer:

  • Close all the running applications and programs.
  • Then, tap on the beginning button for more command options.
  • Tap on the arrow icon.
  • Select the “shut down” option.

Dell Helpline >> the way to configure and install Dell printer drivers for MAC

If you want to put in Dell printer drivers for Mac, then follow the given guidelines:

  • Install the Dell support driver for printers from the website on your Mac device.
  • Then, follow the install Wizard and wait till the installation completes.

In this way, you’ll configure and install Dell printer drivers for Mac devices. If there is any other technical concern, then you can take help through the Dell telephone number.

Dell Help and Support >> the way to disable Dell, the support assistant

Follow these guidelines:

  • Click the button “start” and type “remove or add programs”.
  • After that press “enter” and tap on “Dell support assistant”.
  • Then, select uninstall and follow the web instructions to finish the method.

Helpline >> Dell Troubleshooting

This section of the article documentation consists of the common problems and their answers which are available while using Dell devices. All you have got to try to do is manually execute the given guidelines and resolve your queries on your own.

However, if you find any other concerns, then you are suggested to call the Dell support number. The Dell number renders will describe you in a precise manner regarding the matter and supply effective Dell troubleshooting tips. But, if you want to avoid calling on the Dell telephone number, then you can contact the online laptop service number given on our website.

Dell computer sound not working

If the audio of your Dell computer is not working, then you can follow the given guidelines:

  • Go to start >> my computer >> manage.
  • Select device manager from the management window.
  • Tap on the “+” sign which is ahead of the game and video controllers next to sound.
  • A yellow symbol signifies the matter if there is any.
  • Then, update the driving force.

In this way, you will fix this error by yourself without the assistance of Dell product support.

Dell laptop won’t boot

If you are battling Dell laptop won’t boot issue, then follow these instructions:

  • Power off your Dell laptop and power it on again.
  • Hold and press the facility button for a minimum of 1 minute until the system shuts off.
  • Repeat this procedure a couple of times till you get to ascertain the “preparing automatic repair” pop-up.
  • Tap on advanced option >> troubleshoot and then refresh your system.

Fix black screen option on Dell Inspiron

You can fix this issue in two ways and both ways are mentioned below. But if these troubleshooting tips are unable to serve you, then you have to call Dell to support the telephone number or our toll-free laptop support number.

Try these Dell laptop troubleshooting tips:

  • The first way is– Clean the fans of your Dell device and remove the battery. After that unplug the facility brick cable and delay the facility button for nearly 1 minute. Then, insert the battery again and switch on your system and install the newest BIOS.
  • The second way is– Download the Windows boot genius software and install the Windows boot genius software on your Dell device. Insert a DVD/USB/CD into the system. Then, click on run running the program.

Dell Alienware disk drive error

If your Dell Alienware computer creates this difficult drive error. Corrupted operating systems, infected disk drives, physical disk drive damage are the symptoms that show you are having hard drive errors on your Dell Alienware computer.

So, contact the experts by calling on the Dell Alienware support telephone number. They will resolve your issue in less time.

Dell monitor troubleshoot

There is an inbuilt function in the Dell monitor if you are facing issues with the Dell monitor. Follow these given guidelines:

  • Turn off your Dell computer and monitor and unplug the video cable.
  • Remove analog and digital cables from your system.
  • Turn your monitor on. A panel will appear on the screen saying there is no video connection.
  • The facility light LED will remain white. If the Dell monitor remains dark even after connecting again, then it means the matter is not in your monitor.
  • Then, activate your system and switch them on.

Through the given procedure, you will easily troubleshoot your Dell monitor. Also, you can contact Dell’s technical support number if facing an issue. However, if you are having trouble connecting with them then you can contact the toll-free support number given on our website. This number will connect you with the independent 3rd party Dell support and drivers services. Kindly examine the important factors before connecting to the Online Laptop Service Number and driver’s services via our toll-free number.