How to Fix Outlook Email Not Working Error?

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How to Fix Outlook Email Not Working Error?

Microsoft Outlook sometimes causes a problem due to which users did not receive their emails on time or showed an email error. Yes, it is quite frustrating that email being the quickest and easiest way to reach anyone is not responding properly. But, no need to worry, there is a solution to everything.

There are several reasons why your outlook email isn’t working or your Outlook application may get stuck, freeze while sending a mail, and here you will get to know the solution to these issues.

Reasons for not receiving new emails:

Sometimes it happens that you did not find your new emails and are worried about not receiving important emails. So, here are some of the possible reasons for not receiving new emails:

  • Internet connection issue
  • It also happens that messages go to the Junk Email folder
  • A corrupt email profile also causes problems
  • Outlook is set to work offline
  • It may be the reason for Outlook down
  • A bad email rule is also the reason behind this issue
  • How to fix the Outlook email errors?

These are some of the ways to fix outlook email errors.

Check the internet connection– It is the first step to check the issue, maybe you are facing this email problem because of your network connectivity or you might have forgotten to change working offline to working online. To change this setting, choose (Send/Receive > Preferences > Work Offline).

Restart Outlook– Just like your phone hangs up, sometimes outlook also confronts this issue. So, all you need to do is to restart your outlook application.

Always check for updates– Check for your system updates, restart and install that update, it also helps in solving email errors.

Check offline settings– If your offline setting gets disabled on your Mac, then you have to sign in to your email and after that change the setting. You can also check the windows settings like time, date, region is correct or not.

Clear Outlook cache– It happens that your new messages got stuck up because of the cache in some secret folder. So, clearing up the outlook cache is a great option.

Check other folders– Sometimes your important mail could go to the junk folder, so check it over there or if you use you can check the ‘other option. Also, you can check your other devices as there is a possibility that you have downloaded it on your other device like a tablet, or phone. Thus, the messages which are missing may be in the first device you have checked.

Therefore, these are some of the ways to tackle the problem of outlook email errors. Also, after trying these tips if you face the same issue you can make a new Outlook profile as a corrupt outlook profile causes not receiving emails. If it still doesn’t work you can contact Email Helpline Number for help and get instant support from best technicians. for more information visit our website:

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