How to Install Norton Antivirus with Product Key?

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How to Install Norton Antivirus with Product Key?

Norton Antivirus is available at retail stores as well as online Norton stores. You can purchase your Norton Setup from a retail store and enter the Norton Setup product key. Open the retail box of Norton Antivirus and examine the CD and key card. You will find a silver card inside the box. Check the card for the Norton Security Product Key. It is used for Norton product key activation. If you buy a Norton CD for antivirus installation, make sure your device has a CD drive.

How to Install Norton Antivirus with Product Key?

Remove the CD from the retail box and insert it into the CD drive. Wait for a while and then Norton Setup Installer will appear on the screen. Click on Setup Installer and it will start running. You will get a Norton Product Key Activation window on the screen. Enter the Norton Install Product key on the window and press the Enter button. Now Norton will start checking setup resources. Wait until the next window appears. Now you have to follow the screen instructions to complete the installation process. Restart your device and you will now see a Norton icon on your computer.

How to Activate Norton 360 with Product Key?
Norton Antivirus 360 plan is available on the online store. Check your PC’s specifications and then check Norton 360’s resource requirements. Now follow the on-screen commands to download Norton Security with Product Key:

  • Open a search engine and search for Norton Antivirus
  • Visit Norton Website
  • From the list, Norton 360 . click on
  • Click on buy now button
  • A shopping cart page will appear
  • Check your order and tap on Next option
  • A fill-up form will appear
  • Click the Login button if you have a Norton account
  • Enter Norton account details and login to your Norton Antivirus account
  • fill-up your details if you are a new user
  • Enter billing details
  • press buy now button

Wait till the payment process is complete. Now you need to go to the email account you entered when purchasing Norton. You will receive Norton setup, Norton product key entry and receipt by mail. Click on setup and it will start running. Setup will check the resource requirements. Once completed, an activation window will appear on the screen. Enter the product key for Norton antivirus and follow the on screen instructions. After completing the installation, restart your desktop. A Norton antivirus icon will appear on the computer screen, tap on the icon and open Norton’s Dashboard. Click on Full System Scan option to remove all malicious programs from your device.

How do I activate my Norton Product Key?
If you have a Norton CD but you don’t have a CD drive and key go to the URL mentioned on the card. You will be land to an activation page. Enter the Norton Antivirus Security product key on the activation window. If you enter the correct key a download link will appear. Download and install Norton antivirus Setup on your desktop. If your activation process fails, check the product key. People often get confused between etc. After installing Norton Setup, you can easily scan your device.

How to Renew Norton with Product Key?
Norton provides an annual license to the user. After the license expires, you need to go for Norton renewal with the product key. Open Norton Dashboard and click on My Subscriptions. Click on Renew Norton. You will be land to the Norton website. Click on Renew Norton by using Product Key. Follow the on-screen commands to upgrade your Norton Antivirus. After renewing the setup, open your Norton Dashboard. Go to the subscription window and check if your Norton plan has been renewed. If not, ask for technical support.

If you are facing any technical issue by following the given steps then contact Norton/Free Activate or Norton/Activate Code and get immediate help from technicians.

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