How to Recover Your Norton Antivirus Activation Key?

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How to Recover Your Norton Antivirus Activation Key?

Nowadays, online threats have become one of the significant problems for business owners and many professionals. These threats like phishing and identity theft or spyware aim to capture some key or entire database of the user. Such kinds of treads happen to get access to the businesses’ customers to hack their essential information like bank or credit card details. 

Norton Antivirus helps to prevent such threads and protect the computer of the user. However, to use this antivirus, you need to have its product key, which you enter into your user account to get its cyber protection services. So, if you do not find the Norton key, you can recover your product key to secure your user account again. 

Here Are Some Critical Steps You Can Follow To Recover Your Norton Antivirus Activation Key

Get Norton Customer Support

  • First, go to your web browser and search for the official website of Norton.
  • Once you go there, click on the customer portal, add your username or email id linked with this site, and add a password.  
  • After this step, go to the Account Management page and add credentials when they ask.  
  • Now go to my account tab and click to go on the Norton Antivirus Products pane. 
  • In this pan, the pop-up below appears; you can recover back the Norton Antivirus product key

Or use other steps if the above steps do not work for you.

  • Sometimes steps mentioned above may not work, so in this case, you can use the below-mentioned tips. 
  • You can use your registered email address to recover the Norton Product key. All you need to do is go to the confirmation mail of Norton, which they sent you when you bought Norton Product. Here in this confirmation key, you can easily find the product key as it also contains.  
  • You also check the physical box and look inside it to find the Norton Key. 
  • Another way to recover the Norton Product key is to go to the document folder. It comes preinstalled on your PC, and you need to click on the Symantec Folder. Once you go there, then double hit the .txt file and retrieve your product key. 
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