How to Redeem McAfee LiveSafe Retail Card?

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How to Redeem McAfee LiveSafe Retail Card?

How to Redeem McAfee LiveSafe Retail Card?

How to redeem a McAfee LiveSafe retail card and activate your purchased one:

If the product card you purchased is in-store, you can activate this card to install McAfee LiveSafe and activate your subscription.

Solution 1

Redeem your Retail Card / Activate your Membership:

  • Open a web browser and go to the “URL” of your retail card.
  • Select your country and language from the menu option. Note: Although the registration page tries to select your region correctly, it may lead to incorrect selection. Please confirm the information.
  • Carefully enter the registration number
  • Type your email address and click submit.

Make sure your email address is right, and then tap Verify. Note: If your email address is wrong, tap edit to return to the previous page, correct your email address, and then tap Verify to continue.

Follow the on-screen prompts to create a McAfee antivirus account and install LiveSafe. If you need help with installation of antivirus, see the download and installation instructions for McAfee LiveSafe.

Solution 2

  • Tips to resolve issues when redeeming your retail card and activating your subscription:
  • If you see the message Web page does not exist or invalid product key:
  • Check the registration number:
  • Change the url to and try again.
  • We’re sorry if you see the message, but we’re having technical issues at this time. Try again later:
  • On the activation page, check the country selection box above the registration number. Make sure you select the right country and language for your region.

If you want to Redeem McAfee LiveSafe Retail Card then follow above steps or contact McAfee Code Activation or get instant support.

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