McAfee is one of the most used antivirus solution providers which has been in use since the first arrival of the viruses. McAfee was previously named McAfee Associates, Inc. and then it was renamed to Intel Security System in 2014. McAfee Associates was originally developed in the year 1987 and was purchased by Intel within the year 2011. It is a computer security software company which is based in America. The headquarters of an equivalent is in Santa Clara, California. Now being a neighborhood of the Intel Security Division, the corporation claims to be the world’s most faithful security software company. The name ‘McAfee’ was given in the year 2016 when a deal was announced between Intel and TPG Capital. They converted Intel Security into a venture, both these companies were a part of it and had been then called McAfee.

If you want to know in detail about McAfee, you can contact their customer support number. Also, you can contact them if you face any issues with the McAfee antivirus. They have a great team of experts who are available 24×7 to solve your issues. They make sure to satisfy their customers by providing the best services. So, if you have any queries regarding McAfee antivirus, feel free to dial the McAfee customer service telephone number.

McAfee Help >> What technologies does it use?

McAfee works on tons of technologies that it has acquired over the years and it includes Calgary, Alberta, and FSA Corporation. This did not just help the corporation in giving diverse security options but it also gave them the chance to develop their own network and various encryption technologies. Firewall and other variations arose due to the FSA team, who worked on these new creations alongside being an encrypting technology. McAfee Internet Security is another part of the whole system which will be useful to users. It provides total security from online threats and viruses which will affect one’s computer or laptop. McAfee antivirus setup helps users to achieve total protection and before getting oneself into using the McAfee antivirus system, it is always a nice idea to know the workings. To do so, any user can contact the McAfee customer support number. Also, they will help you in understanding the downloading and dealing process.

McAfee Support

McAfee strives to serve their customers with the best service so they try to solve an issue in less time. The McAfee Support number may be a service provided by the corporate to resolve problems within a limited time. The McAfee customer service number also gives the power to the service providers to look at the customer’s desktop. This is done with the help of a live remote assistance tool by the McAfee support department. This way they can solve your issue fastly and you don’t need to go out for this. You can also mail them your issue if you do not understand the solution over a call.

McAfee Support Phone Numbers – Official:

The official McAfee support phone numbers, chat services, email support services are given in this section. You can choose any of those contact options to interact with the experts. We’ve found these contact details on the idea of resources available on the web. Sometimes it gets changed as some OEMs and manufactures usually change their contact details occasionally. Thus, we advise you to check before calling.

  • McAfee Antivirus Customer Support Number: 1-888-985-6722
  • McAfee Customer Service Number: 1-888-985-6722
  • McAfee Technical Support Number : 1-888-985-6722
  • McAfee Contact Phone number : 1-888-985-6722

How can All in One help you?

Sometimes it happens that customers face issues in connecting with the McAfee customer support number so in that case, you can dial our toll-free antivirus support number. You can find that antivirus support number on our website. We can help you by connecting you to the toll-free antivirus support team who will guide you in solving your problems. We advise you to read all the terms and conditions mentioned on our website before using our McAfee Customer Support Number.