Symantec’s Norton Antivirus programming is a program that secures your PC and stops infections, spyware, worms and Trojan ponies from entering and causing hurt. Norton Antivirus performs consistent sweeps to your PC to ensure it as you surf sites, download documents and open email. Norton Antivirus is refreshed consistently and naturally with the goal that your PC stays safe.

Sweeps Computer for Threats

Norton Antivirus ensures your PC by filtering it continually. It quickly hinders anything attempting to enter your PC and requests that you for authorization permit it to enter. In the event that it is an infection or a worm or anything that can conceivably cause harm, it disengages it promptly and afterward cautions you. Norton Antivirus likewise shields you from being tainted when you utilize a texting program. Vindictive projects will once in a while attempt to enter your PC thusly, so it is critical to remain ensured when you visit.

Norton likewise obstructs phishing endeavors from sites, which attempt to access private data, for example, usernames and passwords to other significant sites, for example, your bank or your Visa organization.

Norton is Automated

Norton Antivirus is mechanized and it runs when you turn on your PC. It blocks against program and application dangers and furthermore shields you from contaminated sites. In the event that you are doing any sort of Internet exploration and you click a back connection to another website that turns out to be contaminated with an infection or something hurtful, you would be cautioned promptly and that infection would be isolated and taken out.

Constant Updates

The product is persistently refreshed through the Symantec Live Update work. This implies that new infections released on the Internet will be gotten before they harm your PC.

Grants and Certifications

Norton Antivirus is guaranteed by ICSA Labs, a division of Verizon Business. ICSA Labs sets the guidelines for the consistence of business security items. At the point when an organization is granted this affirmation, it demonstrates that the item has been tried freely and an outsider has checked that the product does what it claims (see Resources).

Norton Antivirus Software additionally got the VB100 Award from Virus Bulletin. The Virus Bulletin gives autonomous testing of hostile to infection items and thinks about them to other industry items. When an enemy of infection programming gets this honor, it demonstrates that it hosts been tried by a third get-together. VB100 demands that a product demonstrate it identifies “in the wild” infections and furthermore creates no bogus positives during an output of clean documents.


You can buy Norton Antivirus at the Symantec site or at any retail foundation that sells programming (see Resources). The cost changes relying upon the degree of assurance you are looking for.