Norton antivirus will protect your computer from harmful malware. It uses machine learning technology to detect whether the file is good or bad for the computer. Norton Antivirus performs consistent scans to your computer to ensure it as you surf sites, download documents, and open email. It keeps on updating automatically for the safety of your computer.

If this antivirus finds anything that is trying to enter your computer and asks you for permission to allow it to enter, it immediately blocks it. First, it checks everything that may cause damage to your computer, and then it will suddenly alert you about it.

What are the benefits of Norton Antivirus?

  • It scans computers for threats

Norton Antivirus scans your computer continuously to protect it from the virus. It quickly blocks anything that is attempting to enter your computer or alert you about the danger. Norton Antivirus likewise protects you from being infected when you use a messaging program. Sometimes it happens that malicious programs will try to enter your PC, thus it is important to be safe while chatting.

  • Norton is Automated

Norton Antivirus is mechanized as it runs when you turn on your computer. It blocks against program and application dangers and protects you from harmful sites. Hence, always be careful while surfing the internet, try not to click the infected link which is shown while doing research.

  • Constant Updates

It keeps on updating itself so that if any new virus comes, it will direct it before doing any damage to your computer. It updates through the Symantec Live Update function.

Awards and Certifications

Norton Antivirus is certified by ICSA Labs, a division of Verizon Business. ICSA Labs sets the guidelines for the consistency of business security items. Norton Antivirus Software additionally got the VB100 Award from Virus Bulletin. The Virus Bulletin gives autonomous testing of hostile to infection items and thinks about them to other industry items. When antivirus software gets this honor, it demonstrates that its hosts have been tried by a third party. VB100 demands that a product demonstrates it identifies “in the wild” infections and furthermore creates no bogus positives during the output of clean documents.

Therefore, you can buy Norton Antivirus at the Symantec site or at any retail foundation that sells programming. But, the cost changes depending upon the level of security you are looking for.

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